Saturday, May 8, 2010

Aku Tumpang Menyibuk

Aku heard something tadi
Not heard actually but I'm read on someone's wall
You will be married?? Really??
Ooohh..I'm so so so so suprise!!!!

Kebahagian milik kamu juga akhirnya
Kamu pasti tak jemput aku
Tapi aku nak wish juga untukmu
Aku tahu aku tak layak tapi aku nak juga wish

I'm know that you faced hard moment before this
You travel around the world to to find the happiness
You faced the hard situation when you meet me
You also cry because of me

I'm know you are valuable since the first we are talk
I'm know you are so special to everyone in this world
If I'm know early who you are
I'm will never and ever make you sick

In this moment you get that happiness
This happiness as a reward to you
You are deserve to get it after the long journey
Please dont cry again

If you cry and sick
You can contact me when ever you want
I'm really really and really love you
I'm hope you read this

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